At LOVELIVE we’re privileged to see first-hand the remarkable work of the world’s scientists, who continue to build on a legacy over 200 years in the making, following the development of the first vaccine by English physician, Edward Jenner in 1796. 

This World Immunisation Week we’re supporting the World Health Organization and its plight to educate the public on the importance of getting vaccinated. This may be something some of us don’t give a second thought to, but without immunisation and the research and development, the world would be faced with deadly viruses such as polio and smallpox. 

Over the past year, medical research has played a vital role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, so this year’s theme ‘Vaccines bring us closer’ is a reminder that without the development of immunisations, we would face further months or years of restrictions. 

We all have an opportunity to help to spread the word and build trust in the value of all vaccines and hopefully, we can get one step closer to being together again. 

Click here for more information and how you can get involved. 

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(Image is taken from the WHO website with animation added using PowerPoint at LOVELIVE)