We’d like to PowerPoint out some good news… 

LOVELIVE is pleased to announce that we have another new member of the team – Presentations Designer, Liam Livesey!

After joining the LOVELIVE team remotely during the great lockdown of 2020, Liam instantly injected his friendly, energetic personality through the power of online meetings.

Liam’s passion for technology and computers started at a young age, and at college he had the chance to incorporate the design element while studying Media and Film. This was where he learnt about the power of Photoshop and its ability to create design, which then led to a 3-year Creative Multimedia course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Once graduated, Liam took a chance in a new type of role with Buffalo 7 as a developer in PowerPoint. Over his 2 years with the company he worked with high-profile brands allowing him to create robust templates as well as presentations which gave the audience the wow factor with his incorporation of animation.

Liam’s passion for video and animation continues to the present day through his LOVE of creating enhanced and engaging presentations for healthcare.

When he’s not working from home – and currently when he is actually working from home – Liam’s time is spent entertaining his dog, Doug, who often pops in to say ‘hello’ on our Teams calls. His other passion’s include holidays, skiing in Austria and a Friday beer… so he’s in good company during our end of week virtual social with his new colleagues.

– Any type of animal (is a wasp an animal?)
– Skiing 
– A full fridge 

Click here to visit our website to find out what else Liam LOVES and why you’ll often get clients asking if that’s really PowerPoint.

Welcome to LOVELIVE Liam!
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