At LOVELIVE we believe that great copy is just as important as incredible design. In fact, from engaging web pages that maximise SEO, to powerful PR, white papers, brochure copy, social media and specialist medical writing, we’ve got it covered.

We’ve always taken great pride in our ability to write creatively, ensuring that spelling and punctuation are up to scratch, however, there are many other facets that can mean the difference between acceptable and exceptional.

Working in the healthcare sector, there is so much to take into consideration. Every document, poster or presentation is different with preferred styles varying between jobs. US or UK spellings? Full stops at the end of bullet points? Hyphens or n-dashes? Consistency of formatting is key, and we are meticulous in our approach. Accuracy of data is just as important in the world of medical editing, which is why we cross-check every typeset digit and symbol against the original copy.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), I’m part of a network of specialists in the field. They not only offer courses to brush up your skills but encourage you to take your abilities to the next level through online training, local groups and forums. Their next annual conference will be a celebration of their recent change from ‘Society’ to ‘Chartered Institute’ – further supporting the importance of this field of expertise.

Outside of the office, I scrutinise my own writing constantly. Also checking text in everyday life from menus to billboards, even my daughter’s writing gets a once over… however I’m not too harsh as she’s only 6! A simple read through of anything can stop an embarrassing post on social media or being left with 100 printed copies of a document you can’t use.

Top tip: Take your time… It’s easier said than done, however spending an extra few minutes to check through even a small document can ensure your you’re not missed missing the minor details the the eye can often miss. However, if time isn’t an option let the experts take a look. Drop me an email and a member of the team can help to make your acceptable copy, exceptional.

Vicky Booth, LOVELIVE Production Editor.