What does ‘work-life balance’ mean to you?

As part of ‘National Work Life Week’ we asked the team exactly that. It’s clear to see from some of the responses that flexibility, getting active during the day and a great team to work with came out on top!

Here is just a taste of what they had to say…

Becky: I like how we’re not stressed to work overtime and we can flex hours within reason around appointments/personal things that pop-up. In addition, working with amazing people makes it a fun place to not always feel like hard work! Cups of tea help too.

Jen: I am mum of two and have a busy family life, like most of us! I never stop thinking about what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. LOVELIVE provide a bi-weekly mindfulness session for 30 minutes and this is valuable to me. It allows me to take time away my desk and life admin and just get to concentrate on me – guilt free!

Louie: Living over 40 miles away I am able to work with LOVELIVE! I love that I can choose when and how often I go into the office. Coming into the office allows me to catch up and collaborate with my colleagues! Equally, on days where I don’t travel this removes 4-6 hours of travelling, saving so much energy so I can enjoy my evenings without being drained!

James: I use many tools to keep me sound of mind. In the office, the Rubix cube which lives on my desk, and chatting with the awesome team during the day always solves any frustrations. At home, building Lego, playing café’s with my kids and going on bike rides with them helps me unwind.

Vicky: Hybrid working allows me to collect my daughter from school. These days are probably numbered the older she gets (I mean who wants their mum walking them to high school?), so for now I’m taking the small wins and enjoying our chats about her day. This has a huge, positive impact on my work-life balance!

Kim: In my working day I always get out for a walk! Whether it’s walking the dog when I am at home or walking to get lunch via a park when I’m in the office. No matter what the weather, it allows me to clear my mind ready for whatever is in store next that day.

Karolina: Hybrid working lets me save quite a bit of time on travelling and gives me the opportunity to squeeze in a quick trip to the gym around the corner from my house during my lunch hour, which helps me stay focused and energised for the rest of my work day. I also get to spend more time hanging out with my very needy cat, and the four days I spend at home make me look forward to my trips into the office to see my amazing colleagues in person!

Morgan: Everyone is very friendly; the whole team is like a big family. This helps a lot when being in the office as a trainee as the atmosphere feels very welcoming and warm. I feel like I can be myself in an environment where I fit in. This also has a positive effect outside of work as I am a lot happier, knowing that every day I am a step closer to a brighter future in the creative industry. I also now have weekends free to spend more time with my boyfriend and my family (including my dog).

Liam: Having the ability to walk my dog Doug during my lunch break is beneficial to my work-life balance and lets me reset for the afternoon.

I have a great work-life balance here at LOVELIVE.
I’m primarily office based which I enjoy and prefer – but also appreciate the flexibility of WFH as and when needed.

Issac: The way I think LOVELIVE keeps a good work-life balance is the fact that overtime is not something that is expected of us. Also, LOVELIVE has lots of social events, this can even be as simple as going to get food together at lunch time. This allows people that don’t work together to connect and is a good change of pace.

Sophie: A good work life balance feels more important now than ever. Hybrid working helps me to be more productive overall as I can focus better when I have quiet time at home but collaborate with the team in the office when we need to. It also really helps with juggling life around work hours too.