Investing in training is something that is important in any company, so during the rare occasions that the team has downtime, at LOVELIVE we embrace the opportunity to learn new skills, research new software, or just take the time to explore new innovative design trends that will keep our offerings current.

Digital design and innovation have been a big focus for the LOVELIVE team over the last few years. Ensuring optimal user experience and engagement is key along with providing solutions that effectively communicate key data and messages quickly and simply. Video, animation, interactive materials and e-learning have been increasingly in high demand especially during the last year.

Our talented designer, Katie Wilson, has always had a passion for motion graphics so was keen to jump on the digital bandwagon! Over the past few years, she’s been meticulously learning ‘on-the-job’, transforming her stunning illustrations into animations that really captivate the audience.

“I’ve always loved producing eye-catching designs but being able to take this skill down an animation route has been fantastic – especially with the coaching and encouragement from other members of the team. The feedback from clients has been great too.”

Over on our skilled presentations team, they have been designing and producing interactive e-learning materials for many years. During the pandemic however, online training has become more important than ever to our clients. Liam Livesey, our newest Presentations Designer, has thrown himself in headfirst to get to grips with it all:

“Not only have I been expanding my knowledge of PowerPoint I’ve been diving into the world of e-learning. With every new venture comes new software to learn, on the face of it, the software looks very similar to PowerPoint but underneath it’s a whole new ball game. I’ve been amazed at the interactive features I have created in only a matter of months, and I can’t wait to research/develop my skills even more. Watch this space, there’s a new e-learner in town.”

With such a vast array of materials being produced in the LOVELIVE studio it’s important that everything is quality checked for accuracy, consistency and useability. As Production Editor I’m a stickler for leaving no stone unturned, checking everything from text to styling, to functionality. It’s therefore vitally important that I keep up to date with new digital material as well as my finger firmly on the editorial pulse. As well as platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and online tutorials, I also take advantage of learning through Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce and the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

As a member of the CIEP, I’ve recently completed my 6th course, Medical Editing, which is the one I’ve enjoyed the most as I could relate each module to my day-to-day QC activities. It’s provided me with invaluable skills and resources to expand my editorial knowledge and expertise to enable me to continue to provide our clients with a high-quality editing service.

If you would like to find out more about any of our service’s we’d LOVE to hear from you!

by Vicky Booth, LOVELIVE Production Editor

Animation by Garrick Middleton:
“Training is so accessible nowadays, so I followed some of the most popular YouTube beginner tutorials which covered everything from modelling all assets from scratch, photo-real texturing, realistic lighting, and then fun animation and camera moves.”
Animation by Garrick Middleton