As many of you are aware we’ve made some big changes to the LOVELIVE offices over the last year. We said goodbye to our beautiful listed building, Fence House, that was our home for over 2 years and took on a big renovation project which used to be home to branding agency Vibe.


The Renovation

We’ve ripped down walls, rebuilt floors, installed new kitchens and bathrooms and created a first-floor studio flooded with light and colour. The ground floor is also now home to our partner SEO agency Web Presence ( and a recreation room for everyone to blow off some steam playing pool, darts or video games.

It was a long process that required a lot of teamwork, but we’re happy to say that 1 year on, we are all well and truly settled and are constantly coming up with new ideas of how to continue making this space a reflection of our creativity and love of having fun!